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Focus Festival Hors Pistes

FESTIVAL HORS PISTES / presentation by GÉRALDINE GOMEZ, founder of the festival

Saturday 18th March à 1.30pm
Salle Georges Conchon

For each edition, the festival of moving images, Hors Pistes, imagines a program regrouping different disciplines around a societal issue.

From the condition of animals, Le silence des bêtes, to protest movements, L’art de la révolte, (the 2016 theme resonated incredibly with Nuit Debout), Géraldine Gomez tries to bring the great debates of our societies back into play through the contemporary artistic and intellectual scene.

More than a simple thematic event, Hors Pistes is also a new space for reflection on contemporary art and its place in an institution. Essentially composed of commissions made to the artists, it is a true community that is created during Hors Pistes to co-produce the event together. For if we were to draw a common theme from the abundant proposals that Géraldine Gomez put in place in the Centre Pompidou, it would be that of collective invention between her, the artists, the public and fate.

This year, the theme of the event was the sea and its crossings which fascinates the world, often in a tragic way. Feelings of melancholy, sailing away, navigating around the internet, surfing the web, pirates of the web and the southern seas, streaming and currents… The sea breaks with the words on our narratives, our images, our imaginations, our subconscious. Hors piste plunges into this metaphorical space through an odyssey whose artists are at the helm. On this occasion, several works were produced. The two films proposed were produced for this edition.

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Staying in the dark until you become the landscape

Fabrice Reymond & Loreto Martinez Troncoso
2017, film,  augmented poetry or kamishibai a form of cinema storytelling from Japan,  43’

Aligned on the quay, those whom we are leaving watch us depart and they become what we are also: black silhouettes on the horizon, stitches of the sky and earth.
The antennas of the turret cling to the clouds, even at sea we remain puppets!
Second hour of watch, I drink to the health of the moon!
Every evening, I wait impatiently for this moment with you, where the sky and the sea become indistinguishable in the blue of the night…
Sometimes the horizon also disappears in broad daylight, in the same light, in the same gray, in the same white. I then feel incredibly free, as if with the horizon, the lines of my hand disappeared and my destiny opened up.
As a child, it was, I believe, in front of the sea that for the first time I saw before me the infinite that I felt inside me.
Looking intently at the ocean, the horizon has cut the skin of my eyelids in the middle, I see you at last.
Breathe in deeply, make room, slowly stretch, relax the bonds of cause and effect… All possibility comes from the emptiness that we make in ourselves, from the void that we can keep in ourselves. This void that desire creates in our bodies is the matrix of all possibilities, the appearance of a desert island in the midst of our memories.
I think of you walking on the beach, a meeting point where shadow and reflection hide and chase each other.
I cannot wait to find you, I cannot wait to tell you about my travels, I cannot wait for you to become my landscape…”

Production Hors Pistes


Rituel 3 : Le Baptême de mer

Performance & film Emilie Rousset & Louise Hémon
2017, vidéo, 30’

“Everything that goes to the sea is baptized. Robots, we give them a name.”
“It was the pirates who invented social security.”
“We must not say the name of the animal with big ears, the famous cousin of the hare.”
“Maritime anthropology is a relatively unexplored field, it is always the earthlings who write History.”
“We do not baptize a boat twice, it’s like a child, it isn’t done!”
“By continually fishing, we made the fish intelligent.”
“Domine, Patris et filius sanctus. Amen and Splash… »

Boat carpenter, sailing instructor, fisherman, skipper, cartographer, cable ship captain, museum curator, sailor’s wife, yachtsman, oceanographer, rigger… These voices pass through the specter of a buccaneer cleaving through the waves, carried by the mesmerizing chants of a Neptune adrift.

Production Hors Pistes

Géraldine Gomez

A curious spectator and curator, Géraldine Gomez enjoys constantly crossing the boundaries that delimit the various artistic disciplines to make them interact with one another.
In the monthly programs she has orchestrated since 2000 at the Centre Pompidou, she seeks to discover and share an innovative cinema, which opens up new artistic territories by incorporating other disciplines: writing, architecture, design but also science, gastronomy, fashion…
She holds a doctorate in contemporary art history and is passionate about images and is pleased to see how she continues to reinvent herself.
In 2006, she devised and implemented, “Hors Pistes”, an annual multidisciplinary event developed around a current theme.
The “bad boy” of the Centre Pompidou, as the former president of the Center Pompidou Alain Seban called it, the demonstration is more about the experience than the exhibition.
Géraldine Gomez also collaborates in the programming of the variations of Hors Pistes abroad (Istanbul, Reykjavik, Sao Paulo, Tokyo…) by associating the local artistic scene.
She is also writing a book-object on Hors Pistes, in preparation for the 15th anniversary of the event in 2021.

Salle Georges Conchon

Salle Georges Conchon
Rue Léo Lagrange, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand