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Between dreams and landscape
Stephan Crasneanscki, Neil Lang, Laurent Pernot

3 artists chosen to embody the desire for dreams that is part of the landscape itself

The desiring landscape, the desired landscape. More than a utopia, a real need in a society where “mother nature” has been forgotten. Look at the moon, walk towards… The sixties saw this dream come true. Since then, our vision of this celestial body is no longer the same.
Neil Lang leads us to divide our gaze. There is not only one moon and the projection of light leads us to contemplate evanescent video images that are broadcast and that let us glimpse another possibility. Contemplate, let oneself go to the poetry of the image. This moon that never ceases to appear is a door to a dream…

Stephan Crasneanscki takes us into this impenetrable jungle. It is a question of losing oneself, of seeing the meanderings of thought towards which a Peruvian shaman guides us. In an unrelenting tracking shot, the camera leads us into an improbable illusion. The Amazonian forest, in its power and strength, resuscitates a need that one has tried to stifle.

Witness the birth of a world, watch the planet create itself, the mountains rise and emerge from the water, a return to a proto-historical time where everything is to be invented, where time stretches and marches through a resonant eternity. Laurent Pernot redraws a world in the video “Mountains” and urges us to be moved.

Montagnes (455 seconds), 2009
Video HD, 7’35, stereo music

Mountains (455 seconds) shows a virtual mineral world in motion, by the succession of landscapes where mountains are seen to rise, like the virtual acceleration of terrestrial geological time.Inspired by photographs of current landscapes made by Laurent Pernot, this video is in a way a return to the origin of the formation of these massifs, which preceded the emergence of human life. The soundtrack suggests a powerful and disturbing underground volcanic activity, and then gradually introduces us to Schubert’s Trio in E Flat.

Born in 1980, Laurent Pernot lives and works in Paris. A university graduate, and then of the Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts, he has since pursued a remarkable career path that has been punctuated with residences and exhibitions in France and abroad. By adopting all forms of expression, from the conception of installations to the production of images, Laurent Pernot experiments with temporal, poetic and immersive processes. His productions regularly revolve around the notions of the visible and invisible, time and fleeting memories, drawing inspiration from the imagination of the sciences and the history that haunts the individual as well as society. The identity, fragility, origin and limits of the living are among the themes that he explores in a recurrent way.

Recordings from the Amazon, Peru 2012

In May 2012, the Soundwalk Collective, of which Stephan Crasneanscki is the founder, went to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon to collect the ancient ritual songs of the Ayahuasquero, Master Shaman and practitioner of plant medicine.
During his rites, the shaman consumes a powerful potion based on Ayahuasca or “liana of the spirits”, a sacred liana of the Amazon jungle.
This potion causes a strong psychedelic experience that leads to visual and auditory hallucinations. It is in this state that the Ayahuasquero invokes “the icaro”, or magic song. The icaro is more than a song, it is a language through which the shaman communicates with the spirits of plants and animals in the jungle – he speaks through them, and they sing through him. There are more than a thousand icaros through which the Ayahuasqueros call the spirits to treat, protect or attack. The icaros are “pure sound”, melodies rendered abstract so that they become intangible, like air. In this intangible and all-powerful form, icaros allow shamans to swallow darts, visit distant planets, call the rainbow and kill.
In the form of a long tracking shot, Stefan Crasneanscki proposes a film that restores a mysterious vision of poetry that is still alive in this society.

Born in 1969 in Odessa, Stephan Crasneanscki lives and works in New York. After a BFA at the Parsons School of Design and a MFA at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, he created Soundwalk in 2000. His first soundwalks in Chinatown and the Lower East Side quickly become classics and the Adidas foundation gave him carte blanche to create three new soundwalks in the Bronx with Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaataa, which received an Audie Award in 2004. Since then, Soundwalk has developed a worldwide catalog with productions in Paris, London, Berlin, China, India, and Spain, receiving many awards: Dalton Pen Award 2005 for the Ground Zero Sonic Memorial Soundwalk with Paul Auster, Audie Award 2009 for the Beijing Soundwalk with Gong Li…
Stephan Crasneanscki regularly collaborates with leading brands and cultural institutions. His first photography exhibition took place in Chelsea, New York in 2001. In 2008, he photographed the twelve most influential religious leaders for the Naudet brothers’ book, “In God’s Name: Wisdom from the World’s Great Spiritual Leaders.”


Under the Moonlight, Approximately 4000 Kelvin
Picture and video, 2016

Hear the silence.
Intriguing poetry. Like a narrative that is created. Observe nature at night. Reveal its magic by strong lights and contrasts. Play with very cold light temperatures. Night becomes an envelope of creation, a moment of exchange with nature. We almost hear its silence.
A paradoxical world where science and intuition rub shoulders. By revealing the fragile equilibriums between objects, Neil Lang seeks out the obvious interactions that are the foundations of parallel and autonomous universes and worlds. He delivers both an image, with the status of unreal openness, and in the same space-time he uncovers fundamental concepts inscribed in nature. Universe, Stars, Orbit, Gravity, the fundamental systems of our nature are in perpetual motion. Contradictory and indispensable, this movement creates a well-established balance that the artist brings out, a testimony to a phenomenon both physical and aesthetic. We then think of Walter Benjamin and the aura that bathes us in a rational world while recognizing, through the value attributed to a work of art, another possible source of knowledge that would not be rational but magical…

Ester Arman

© Ester Arman – Turbulences Vidéo #95

Born in New York in 1967, lives and works in Paris. Neil Lang spent his childhood in New York where his father, a painter, took him to the artistic milieu of the Village.
It was in France that he was trained in photography in the Air Force where he was recruited as a photographer-technician.
He then moved to the press and advertising world and was confronted with the immediacy of the relationship to the image by becoming director of communication for a cultural news magazine. Afterwards, he created and managed an interactive creative agency that designed productions for leading fashion, luxury and design brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Ungaro, Oscar de la Renta, Loris Azzaro…
For ten years, he has collaborated in the production and dissemination of visual art photography with international artists, while developing a practice of photography where emotion and contemplation intermingle in scientific questions.

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