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Tribute to Charlotte Moorman

Performance originale by JORIS GUIBERT
Presentation by JEAN-PAUL FARGIER
Screening of the movie ‘Topless Cellist’ – Charlotte Moorman by Howard Weinberg & Nam June Paik (1995, 29′)

16th of MARCH – 8.45pm
Salle Boris Vian
Maison de la Culture

It has already been a quarter of a century that Charlotte Moorman (1933-1991) left us, we who saw video elevated to the rank of art more than modern (postmodern?) by its founder (in 1963), the Korean, Nam June Paik (1932-2006). For more than twenty years, Charlotte and Nam June crisscrossed the world (Boston, Venice, New York, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, etc.) to demonstrate through rousing performances a theorem as essential and irrefutable as that of Archimedes: a body plunged in an electronic flow exerts a horizontal and vertical thrust, universal and global, equal to all the effects of live TV taking place at the same time and by all the televisions in the world. A theorem on which all the avatars of the art known as video are built. In the age of all things digital, we might forget. That is why it is just and necessary to celebrate Charlotte Moorman’s time on earth. As we’ll do it here tonight.

Jean-Paul Fargier

Jean-Paul Fargier, born in 1944 in Aubenas, spent a good deal of time writing about cinema, television and video art in all kinds of publications (Téléciné, Les Cahiers du Cinéma , Cinéthique, art press, Turbulences Vidéo) and making movies and videos in all sorts of formats (including a hundred documentaries for television). In addition to a novel (Atteinte à la fiction de l’Etat, 1978, éd. Gallimard), he published a dozen critical essays (on Bill Viola, Nam June Paik, Godard). Ah yes, for forty years he taught cinema, television, video art and the relationships between them at the University of Paris VIII (Vincennes then Saint-Denis). Now he pretends he’s retired to Goudargues.

Joris Guibert is a visual artist and a teacher in cinema aesthetics in Lyon. His approach combines a practical dimension with a theoretical one. For one year, he wrote an essay on video, experimental cinema and audiovisual performance in Revue & corrigée. His research has been published in Turbulences vidéo, L’autre musique, and the Canadian academic journal Cinémas. His films and installations have been shown at such events as Bruits (Cité du Cinéma, Institut ACTE Sorbonne University Paris 1 & CNRS, ENS Louis-Lumière), and at exhibitions in such structures as the Film Gallery (éditions Re:voir), La Mostra (off Biennale Internationale de Design of St. Etienne). His audiovisual performances were created in places such as the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Vision’R, Paris), the Subsistances (Mirage festival, Lyon), and the Sporobole Art Center (Canada).