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Conte luminescent (France)

performed movie

Closing ceremony
18th MARCH – 8.45pm

Maison de la Culture
Salle Boris Vian

Followed by the awards for the Prix VIDEOFORMES 2017

“An entire system of metaphysics has been founded on geometry and mechanics, by looking to them for models of understanding, but up to now it does not seem as though optics has been exploited as much as it could have been.”

Jacques Lacan

This cinematographic tale is a film performed : a kind of cine-concert where the music and image are composed during the projection. It is built without a camera, without video or film, but created entirely from light technologies (filament projector, laser, LED, halogen). It is made up of various materials: recycled or composite slides, celluloid materials, automatic image mechanisms, shadows, painting on rhodoid… Light is manipulated through its physical and plastic properties: diffraction, refraction, torsion, reverberation, tints, grains, Intensities.

This narrative explores and questions the utopias of optics, from the experiences of the nineteenth century to the current sciences that work with light in search of new outlooks and new materials.

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Joris Guibert is a visual artist and a teacher in cinema aesthetics in Lyon. His approach combines a practical dimension with a theoretical one. For one year, he wrote an essay on video, experimental cinema and audiovisual performance in Revue & corrigée. His research has been published in Turbulences vidéo, L’autre musique, and the Canadian academic journal Cinémas. His films and installations have been shown at such events as Bruits (Cité du Cinéma, Institut ACTE Sorbonne University Paris 1 & CNRS, ENS Louis-Lumière), and at exhibitions in such structures as the Film Gallery (éditions Re:voir), La Mostra (off Biennale Internationale de Design of St. Etienne). His audiovisual performances were created in places such as the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Vision’R, Paris), the Subsistances (Mirage festival, Lyon), and the Sporobole Art Center (Canada).

Frédéric Fradet was born in 1979, and lives in Paris. He is a sound designer and acoustician who first approached the world of sound in 1996 through music, performance, shows, an electroacoustic composition studio and free improvisation. He then became interested in the relationship between form and sound, in the visual arts, physical acoustics, and spatial and social science. In 2004, he became an independent visual artist. He then carried out research work on the urban imagination. Starting in 2011, he combined technical and creative services in a research department as well as independently, and since 2016 has been involved in the manufacture and distribution of the work of the Baschet brothers.