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Joris Guibert

Joris Guibert (France)


Phenomenal machinery with cathodic radiation

Totemtronic installations are modular architectures of cathode ray tube video monitors. Built in situ, their design is based on the number of monitors and their spatialization in the environment – assembled in a building or spread out in an area. The layout of the various images on the screens is composed according to perceptive logic, which structures how we look while at the same time destabilizing it. These appearances on the screens are made up of recorded electronic phenomena (video noise, feedback, scanning), as well as endogenous phenomena produced by the installation itself: electromagnetic fields, interference, noise. Inspired by the overlapping figures of North American Indian art, optical constructions of kinetic art, and the environments of video art monitors, this totem of the electronic age is a complex of images as much as an electroluminescent sculpture.

Joris Guibert is a visual artist and a teacher in cinema aesthetics in Lyon. His approach combines a practical dimension with a theoretical one. For one year, he wrote an essay on video, experimental cinema and audiovisual performance in Revue & corrigée. His research has been published in Turbulences vidéo, L’autre musique, and the Canadian academic journal Cinémas. His films and installations have been shown at such events as Bruits (Cité du Cinéma, Institut ACTE Sorbonne University Paris 1 & CNRS, ENS Louis-Lumière), and at exhibitions in such structures as the Film Gallery (éditions Re:voir), La Mostra (off Biennale Internationale de Design of St. Etienne). His audiovisual performances were created in places such as the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Vision’R, Paris), the Subsistances (Mirage festival, Lyon), and the Sporobole Art Center (Canada).

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