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Julie Chaffort

Julie Chaffort (France)

Les animaux – Screening of a series of 6 videos around animals and artifice
Label (2=3)

MEUTE II / Vidéo HD PAL 16/9 / 2’30 / 2016
MOUTONS/RENARD / Vidéo HD PAL 16/9 / 1’50 / 2011
COUPLE / Vidéo HD PAL 16/9 / 3’40 / 2016
MEUTE / Vidéo HD PAL 16/9 / 2’18 / 2015 / Production : POLLEN, artistes en résidence.
CHIENS-LOUPS / Vidéo HD PAL 16/9 / 1’30 / 2014/ Production : Zébra 3 / Centre Clark / Canada.
HYBRIDE / Vidéo HD PAL 16/9 / 1’30 / 2012

Label (2=3) Espace Croisé + VIDEOFORMES

A center for contemporary art and a video and digital art event have decided to join forces to enhance the emergence of new talents in an artistic expression that is at its best when on display.
Artists chosen in common are exhibited within the framework of the international festival VIDÉOFORMES and in the exhibition program of the Espace Croisé.
The artists selected are guided by the artistic directors of the two structures and see their works proposed for broadcast abroad.
Eric Deneuville, directeur of Espace Croisé
Gabriel Soucheyre, directeur of VIDÉOFORMES

I started the series of videos around animals and artifice in 2011. I had bought a balloon inflated with helium in the shape of a horse and I thought I had to do something with it. So I wandered around an entire afternoon in the countryside with my little horse until arriving near a paddock in which there was a mare. I tied the thread of my balloon to a stone and put it in the paddock when the mare had its back turned. I turned the camera on and filmed to catch the horse’s reaction. When she saw the balloon, she became all worked up and kept on moving back and forth. Her behavior was quite impressive and funny at the same time.
That’s how I started this series. I wanted to confront the animal with the artifice, the living to the inanimate (naturalized animals, stuffed animals, …). Put the animal in front of its own representation. What is incredibly great in animals is that they are direct. They do not cheat. Their reaction is complete.

Working in the fields of cinema and contemporary art, Julie Chaffort is particularly interested in the immensity and emptiness of natural territories, in their desert-like and abandoned aspect. Her films and videos are inhabited by a certain slowness, an invitation to listen and contemplate, but also have varied styles – absurd, the fall, surprise and unconventionality.
Her last film, La barque silencieuse was selected in 2016 in the French and first film competition at FID Marseille. It has also been screened at the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Paris Pantin during the exhibition Jeune création 66th edition and won two independent prizes, leading to two exhibitions, one for the Progress Gallery, Entre chiens et loups, and the other for the Pavillon Gallery in Pantin, Les cowboys. Julie Chaffort also won the Bullukian Award in 2015 and created Somnambules, a personal exhibition presented to the foundation. The artist was awarded the 2015 “Talents Contemporains” prize from the François Schneider Foundation for the work Montagnes Noires and participates in the collective exhibition Mezzanine Sud at the Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse.

Julie Chaffort was born in 1982. She lives and works in Bordeaux, France.

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