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École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de design de Nancy

École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de design de Nancy

Founded in 1708 by the Dukes of Lorraine, ENSAD Nancy is the only one of the seven national schools located in the regions to develop the widest range of degree courses (Masters level) that are oriented towards trades: art, communication and design. Its public service approach is open and unique, balancing research and professionalization. Since October 2016, it has been located on the Artem alliance campus and participates in a unique pedagogical interdisciplinary experience between Art, Technology and Management.

As a place of training and cultural actor, ENSAD is both part of the Lorraine region and international. A post-master program has been developed: the Offshore School, a research program for creation and globalization, based in Shanghai and a third cycle: the national typographic research workshop (ANRT).

L’atelier :

The short films presented are the result of a workshop entitled “Cinéma plasticien”, bringing together students from the three schools that make up the ARTEM center in Nancy (Ecole des Mines, ICN, and ENSAD). Under the guidance of a filmmaker (Philippe Fernandez) and an artist-video teacher (Brigitte Zieger), the workshop enabled students to confront the language and methodology of cinema in a context of creation and reflection on plural images. The two films have in common that they were conceived from the approach of spaces and their cinematographic potential. They are not to be regarded as perfect objects, but as extraordinary cinematographic attempts that have engendered reflections, dialogues and questioning relative to all dimensions of cinema, from form to dramaturgy.

The selection :

Vies à vies / Collectifs / 2016 / 7’46

The film shows a solitary character living in autarchy in his apartment, confronted with a counterpart that is none other than himself.

Ils / Collectifs / 2016 / 6’12

The film features a character wandering naked in a forest, discovering that he is not alone and, perhaps like his fellow creatures, the product of a strange factory.


Bientôt, nos étés perdus / Clément Verrier / 2015 / 5’01

“Soon we shall plunge into the cold darkness; Farewell, vivid brightness of our too short summers!”

Charles Baudelaire

Selected out of the workshop (5th year at the ENSAD school) : Technic : found footage / HD (1920×1080)