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Program 1

Thursday the 16th of March 11.30am
Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian


Jérôme Lefdup | France | 2016 | 5 min 06
The reconstruction of the 2 human bodies digitalized by The Visible Human Project is altered, distorted, and seems to give life and feelings back to the deceased couple, in a slow and ethereal waltz…

Fiesta forever

Jorge Jacome | Portugal/France | 2016 | 20 min 45
Abandonned nightclubs, timed out dreams and future lovers.
#karamu # fiesta #forever #abandoned #discoclubs #dancefloor# friends #nightout #sexy #night #peace #people #hawaii #girls #boys #queens #revolution.

Spazio-Tempo : Voyageur temporel

Roberto D’Alessandro | Italy | 2015 | 3 min 25
The illusory continuity of reality is put away by the specificity of the recording process. We stretch the interstices between video frames and there we start a voyage in space and time, revealed through the lens of digital interpolation.

L’Œil du Cyclone

Masanobu Hiraoka | Japan | 2015 | 5 min 03
Welcome to the eye of the storm.


Maxime Martins | France | 2015 | 8 min 25
Las Vegas.City of permanent spectacle, in the middle of the desert. The population and decorations have been withdrawn. The city appears in its brutalistic structure. Vegasiorado,where the promise of joy takes the shape of a totalitarian utopia.