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Rêves de Science #6

Exhibition Rêves de Science #6
Le zootrope des éléments

As part of the Innovation and Creativity program, students from the SIGMA school are taking part in a module connecting art with science proposed by the Service Université Culture, under the artistic responsibility of Anne-Sophie Emard and in partnership with VIDEOFORMES. The installation will be visible from March 13-31 in the forum of the Maison de la Vie Etudiante on the Cézeaux campus. It will be relocated to the SIGMA School during its Open House.
The students proposed a reflection on Dimitri Mendeleev’s classification of the elements, on the history of radioactivity, and on Stephen Hawking’s work on black holes, in a zoetrope-inspired device in which we can see projected images on the inside.
Eight windows will reveal eight screens that will show eight videos related to the portraits of scientists or experiments chosen by the students.
Through an editing trick, the videos will create the illusion that the images are sliding from one screen to another in order to reinforce the reference to the zoetrope and to encourage the viewer to circulate around the work to discover all the “facets”.
The walls of the structure will be covered by the signs of the periodic table of elements.


In charge of the course : Isabelle Thomas (pôle COFI)
In charge of the department Arts, sciences, technics, society : Evelyne Ducrot, director of the SUC
In charge of the department Cinema : Caroline Lardy, lecturer  in cinematographic matter
In charge of the Maison de la Vie Etudiante : Nathalie Cousteix-Jouen
General director : Michel Durot – SUC

EXHIBITION 13th to the 31th of March
Maison de la Vie Étudiante
Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux
7 Place Vasarely – AUBIERE
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Open from Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 5pm