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Sonia Winter & Christophe Bascoul

2117, INTÉRIEURS NUIT / Virtual reality project by SONIA WINTER with the collaboration of CHRISTOPHE BASCOUL of ACATR (Association for the Creation of Real Time Animations) / work in progress

16th to the 18th of March
Maison de la culture
Salle Chavignier

VIDEOFORMES has linked Sonia Winter, an artist currently in a digital art residency at an agricultural high School in Ennezat, and Christophe Bascoul of ACATR to collaborate on the production of a virtual reality project thanks to material made available by ACATR. This project will be presented at the Digital Lounge during the festival in its current production phase.

Synopsis: Year 2117. After a huge computer bug (this is in any case the explanation of the authorities), a lot of humanity’s data have disappeared… A woman is discovered in an abandoned laboratory. By exploring her memories, two scientists secretly try to discover her story and whether she can give information about what happened historically. But is she really human?

Technique: Visual creations (photo, video, virtual reality) + sound creations (sound effects, musical pads, dialogues). Photos are used for the story in 2117 and incomplete memories. Video and virtual reality are used for diving into the brain, and for representing immersions into precise memories.


The purpose of ACATR is to create real-time animations (virtual reality, augmented reality, video games, …) and proposes :

– Training, the provision of materials, the creation of events around the theme of real-time animations;

– The online publication of a collaborative website that enables the sharing of information and presents the different courses available in this field on the Cézeaux campus: