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Véronique Rizzo

Véronique Rizzo (France)


Label (2=3)

Label (2=3) Espace Croisé + VIDEOFORMES
A center for contemporary art and a video and digital art event have decided to join forces to enhance the emergence of new talents in an artistic expression that is at its best when on display. Artists chosen in common are exhibited within the framework of the international festival VIDÉOFORMES and in the exhibition program of the Espace Croisé. The artists selected are guided by the artistic directors of the two structures and see their works proposed for broadcast abroad.
Eric Deneuville, director of Espace Croisé
Gabriel Soucheyre, director of VIDEOFORMES

‘Dreamers’, long “handmade” feature film includes the forms of Cinemascope splitscreen in panoramic view. Polyphonic narrative, syncretic assembly, the spectator is led to a trance, through the alternation of found footages sequences, and digital compositions. In this work tribute, Veronique Rizzo, mixes with her dynamic constructions, quotes of cult works* which cover a wide spectrum of the moving picture : experimental movie, documentary, cinema. The soundtrack, the movies and the texts, take place in labyrinthine overlays which draw the intimate cosmogony of the artist, echo of a collective psyche. In this re-use venture, Veronique Rizzo, questions the status of the images in the era of post-modernity, the use of a general access to information which disturbs the notion of author. The layout of the esthetic crossovers opens perspectives, reflecting the phenomenon of interpenetration of the works in the act of creation. Appropriation as “symbolic cannibalism”, possibility of continuity and fusion.

[*Kenneth Anger, Deben Batthacharya, Peter Weir, the anthropologists Betty and Jacques Villeminot, William Burroughs, Goethe, Poe, Leopardi, Bruce Chatwin, Sunn O, John Adam, The Dhrupad and Aborigines songs]

Véronique Rizzo’s practice follows the original path, of a pictoriality that explores as much the narratives and territories of the object “painting”, as those of the experimental video movie. The instability of her motives blows up the obvious aims of the styles, assuming their dialectical contradictions. Her reflexive approach on history of forms makes them vibrate in the hope of an utopian romantic projection, which would be a radical return to sensation. The hybridity of his work is based on the unanticipated coexistences of abstractions, traces of multiple shocks of images, as well as hermetic fictions. Her work focuses on the representation of hallucinatory and ambiguous spaces that act, as revealing of a psycho-sensory relation of consciousness to spatiality, and to image as environmental space. The color, diluted in the echoes of the sound, spreads its materiality and the movement of the forms immerses the spectator in a salutary hypnosis.

Salle Gilbert Gaillard

EXHIBITION 16th March to 1st April

Salle Gaillard
2 rue Saint-Pierre, Clermont-Ferrand
Tuesday to Saturday : 10am to noon & 1pm to 5pm
Sunday : 2pm to 6pm